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Amanda Blodgett
Director of Talent Acquisition at S&P Data

"Through our ThinScale implementation, we saw a significant drop in our pre-production attrition. We went from 40-60% day 1 no-shows, down to as low as 10%, allowing us to save money on our cost per hire through our ability to remotely validate potential hires."


Meet Headcount Requirements & Reduce Your Cost of Hire

Transform your funnel management by placing ThinScale's validation tool early in the candidate selection process. By remotely validating pre-hires devices our HR partners have experienced:

  • Reduction in Pre-production Dropout:
    Agents who run & pass the validation tool are 40% more likely to show up on day 1.
  • Reduction in Cost-to-Hire: 
    Eliminated logistical costs by utilizing secure BYOD, saved $75-150 per hire excluding hardware.
  • Faster Onboarding:
    HR professionals were able to deploy 4000 agents in 4 weeks.  

Listen to this clip on how S&P data reduced attrition from 33% down to 7%

Process Map for Selection, Hiring, & Pre-Day 1 Onboarding

Copy of Recruitment & Technology HR Process Map

Suggested Recruitment & Technology HR Process Map for Remote Working

Embedding ThinScale's Validation Tool into your early phase selection criteria is key to ensuring identification of the right device and candidate, prior-to-hire.
  • Phase 1: Assess Candidate And Device Suitability
    Insert the validation tool into the candidate application form.  Validate thousands of remote candidate devices in minutes instead of hours. 
  • Phase 2: Virtual Launch Party & Install SRW 
    New hires are invited to Virtual Launch Parties (Max 25 new hires), where onboarding documents and SRW - Single click installer are sent in call.
  • Phase 3: Pre-Day 1 Training
    Training Portal login provided to agents, who then go on to receive Customer and call training.

Endpoint Validation Tool

The Validation Tool will remotely analyze the machine and environment of the potential candidate. Allowing HR to automate the arduous process of BYOD device vetting.

ThinScale's Validation Tool Provides:

  • Faster onboarding and reduced time to hire of 79%,  by validating thousands of remote agent devices centrally
  • Reduces IT onboarding times from hours to under 10 minutes
  • Thorough device validation, ensuring secure and consistent CX Delivery by eliminating in-eligible agent devices
  • Reduced Support tickets by providing agents with the tools for self-service device troubleshooting

Watch This 2 Minute Clip To See How You CanTransform your Security vetting and talent acquisition with a device/BYOD vetting tool built for the future

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