On-demand webinar:
Windows Virtual Desktop Connector

With CTO Dave Coombes & Product Marketing Executive, Peter Corish.

WVD Webinar

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming webinar on our support for
Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop.

Find out how to:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership on your Windows DaaS deployment by reusing your existing hardware and avoiding extra and hidden costs
  • Save time updating, deploying and managing your endpoints connecting to WVD, for on-prem, remote work and BYOD environments
  • Avoid compatibility issues that come with using a non-Windows based endpoints
  • Learn how WVD with ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker can complement new and existing environments.

What we’ll be going through:

  • ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker’s connection to WVD and how our
    tools will support the new connector
  • How WVD will run in a software-defined thin client environment and
    how it can be implemented into your own deployment
  • Reasons behind why we're one of the first solutions to natively host
    direct connections to WVD

We know there’s a lot of discussion regarding WVD and how it will work in existing environments, and we’re here to shed some light!

Webinar date: 6th November 2019
Duration: 20 minutes