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     Deploy 100s of agents per day

     Achieve PCI compliant BYOD

     Reduce attrition by enabling work from anywhere

     Reduce onboarding time from days/weeks to minutes/hours

     Control and secure Endpoints in-office and at home


What our customers think

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It enabled us to have a scalable solution what we have really loved about it is that it ticks all the boxes in terms of stability, ease of deployment and maintenance for us.

Steve Mosser

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The Secure Remote Worker platform allows us to quickly deploy connectivity and applications to our home agents with the same security controls as if they were at our locations.

Marcelo Parodi
Vice President, IT


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Our clients see the benefits of BYOD but can find it scary. If anything has put them at ease it has been ThinScale-our partnership, our reponses, and our proof of what we have done

Dev Mudaliar
Global CIO

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