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On-demand Webinar

Global Insights for the South African CX and BPO Industry

Join us as we bring together a panel of South African and international BPO and CX industry experts to share their insights into the shift to a WaH model, the impact on South Africa’s BPO and CX industries and how the most innovative companies in this space are benefiting from rapid adoption of secure and compliant WaH.   

Work-at-home is no longer a nice to have!

No longer is work at home something that we may require or allow - we've seen recently how essential it has become from a business continuity perspective. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a shift from the traditional way of working, from bricks and mortar to a work-at-home (WaH) model in South Africa and around the world.

Some organisations have done this more easily than others they tend to be organisations that already had a WaH model in place and could roll this out to the broader workforce, although even then not without its challenges.

Many contact centers that were 100% bricks and mortar have had to put emergency business continuity plans in place by migrating quickly to home-working. In many cases, security and compliance have been sacrificed in exchange for agility.

Who's doing it well, how are they doing this and what are the challenges?

The U.S. market appears to be leading the way in terms of WaH adoption with 88% of leading global BPOs running WaH programmes for the past decade, using it as a way to achieve differentiation and competitive advantage.

In this webinar, we bring together a panel of South African and International BPO experts who will share their insights into the shift to a WaH model, the impact on South Africa’s BPO industry and how the most innovative international BPOs world are rolling out WaH both quickly and securely.  

Who should attend:

  • CTOs/CIOs/CEOs in the South African BPO and CX industry
  • Senior management within BPOs and Contact Centers
  • Site Managers


  • Peter Ryan Industry Analyst, Principal at Ryan Strategic Advisory
  • Rod Jones Specialist Call Center and Contact Center Strategic Advisor, Industry Analyst and Consultant
  • Brendan Kiely CEO and Co-Founder at ThinScale Technology, WAH endpoint security and compliance specialists

Duration: 45 minutes